Build True Riches for What’s Truly Important

What if your money could help you achieve what’s most meaningful in life― contentment, healthy relationships, and purpose?

At Blue Trust, we walk with our clients as they pursue their true riches by prioritizing faith, family, and wise stewardship and building a Godly legacy that endures for generations to come.


Blue Trust has helped open our eyes to finances in a new and healthy way. We would encourage anyone who is looking for biblical counsel around their finances to talk with the team at Blue Trust.

Daniel Murphy*
MLB Infielder


Since Blue Trust’s team joined our family on our stewardship journey, we have more clearly understood our finances and have been empowered to accomplish our goals. We now see the value of having a financial planner, not just an investment advisor, to oversee all aspects of our situation.

Demario and Tamela Davis*
NFL Athlete and Founder of Devoted Dreamers Foundation


Blue Trust is a breath of fresh air in a world driven by profit and the acquisition of things. They are a conduit to empowering the lives of others.

Kenny Hill*
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Atlanta Community Food Bank


Working with Blue Trust has been a ‘game changer’ for us in our financial stewardship and generosity journey. We are grateful for the Kingdom impact that Blue Trust continues to have in our lives and in the lives of all the clients they serve.

Mark and Lora Batterson*
New York Times Best Selling Author, Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Wealth Management & Trust Services

We can help you find your true riches and financial freedom through our full complement of services, which include:

Who We Serve

No matter what stage of life you are in, Blue Trust serves people across the wealth spectrum. Combining financial expertise with biblical wisdom, we advise nearly $52 billion in assets on behalf of more than 10,000 individuals and families.**

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Our Clients’ Impact

Stewardship is at the heart of our planning, because effective planning opens the door for deeper, more far-reaching opportunities to make a difference. We help our clients determine “How much is enough?” so they can hold their resources with an open hand.

For us generosity isn’t just a great idea, it’s part of our mission as an organization.

What is a Christian Financial Advisor?

The financial world often feels uncertain and unstable, but the Bible offers timeless wisdom regarding money management. With a biblical viewpoint on wealth, Blue Trust advisors can counsel you on how to steward your assets wisely and help ensure that your financial decisions align with your values and goals.

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