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96% of clients surveyed reported that they would likely recommend Blue Trust to friends and family.*

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We embrace the idea that God owns it all and we shouldn’t hold money tightly. [With Daniel’s help], it’s exciting to be at a place to give more because we now have more. My hope is to go beyond tithing and be spontaneous in our giving and our ability to bless others.

David S.

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

“Like a bright and steady beacon in the midst of a raging storm are our consultants, Michael and Josiah. They firmly adhere to Biblical principles and only tried and true godly wisdom pours forth from their mouths. We have experienced personal/emotional, spiritual and financial growth from our association with them. We are so very grateful to the Lord for leading us to them.”

William & Patricia G.

Albany, GA

Blue Trust, more specifically Dane Williams, has been an invaluable asset in helping me and my wife gain a deeper understanding of our financial situation. Dane’s expertise and guidance have empowered us to make informed decisions while focusing on our priorities, all without feeling pressured into actions we were uncomfortable with. Dane’s ability to explain complex financial concepts in a clear and concise manner has been truly impressive. He took the time to listen to our goals and concerns, tailoring his recommendations to suit our unique needs. His dedication to our priorities was evident in every interaction. Furthermore, professionalism, integrity, and promptness were consistently displayed throughout our engagement with Dane. We highly recommend Blue Trust and Dane to anyone seeking a trusted and supportive partner in managing their finances.

Ben & Jenna S.

Nolensville, TN

My wife and I began working with the firm nearly 20 years ago. Susan Alexander has personally handled our account for the past 17 years. She knows our financial goals and is well qualified and knowledgeable to provide guidance and advice. Susan is responsive, a pleasure to work with, and brings a biblical perspective to our planning and decisions as stewards of God’s gifts. We consider her like family as our sons have also entrusted Susan with their financial planning.

Mike and Susan D.

Seneca, SC

“Andrew is excellent at keeping in touch and no question is too small. We are not the most savvy when it comes to investing but we feel that we are in competent hands with Andrew in a company that is God honoring and very reliable. We thank God that we were led to this company!”

Marc and Cassandra R.

Miami, FL

“It has been a privilege to work with Susan Alexander. Most important to me is that Susan is not only trustworthy and very knowledgeable, but she is kind, patient, and understanding. I went to Susan during a time of transition in my life and found her to be an answer to prayer. I can rest peacefully with all financial concerns because I know that she always has my best interest in mind.”

Dee C.

Charlotte, NC

“For years we tried to make important financial decisions for our family on our own. After finally realizing that we were not qualified, my wife and I turned the responsibility over to Susan and her team. Now we rest easy, knowing they have our best interests in mind, as they implement our financial plan from a biblical perspective.”

Richard & Molly L.

Belmont, NC

“Working with Susan has been a fantastic experience! Her professionalism, knowledge and how much she cares for both our finances and us personally give us great peace and comfort.”

Danielle & Russ West

Co-Founders of

“We are thankful for our partnership with Hunter and his team. The very first thing we like about Hunter is he begins each meeting by praying for us. He listens and understands our needs and continues to lead us toward good stewardship of God’s financial resources. Hunter has helped with our desire to leave a godly legacy and use a part of our wealth to further God’s kingdom. He always shares information (newsletters, podcast, books etc.) that are valuable to grow and challenge us in our walk with the Lord. He conducts regular checkups to review our portfolio and makes recommendations for adjustments. He educates us on the current conditions in the market and the overall economy. He is a guide, mentor, and friend. His enthusiasm, commitment and love for the Lord is refreshing and something we don’t see in many other business encounters. He brings the correct resource to assist with other needs in our personal and business concerns, and we consider working with Hunter a blessing!”

Joe & Alison C.

Charlotte, NC

“Like a bright and steady beacon in the midst of a raging storm are our consultants, Michael and Josiah. They firmly adhere to Biblical principles and only tried and true godly wisdom pours forth from their mouths. We have experienced personal/emotional, spiritual and financial growth from our association with them. We are so very grateful to the Lord for leading us to them.”

William & Patricia G.

Albany, GA

“Working with Johnathan for the past four years has been a great help as we navigated through several things including optimizing our future giving through a donor advised fund, retirement and estate planning, transferring assets for professional management, and financial advisement to other family members. This all occurred during a time when we were dealing with a lot of change in our lives including death of parents and market volatility. Johnathan was always highly proactive and responsive to many requests for additional information or explanation of alternatives. He always made the time to understand our situation, provide understandable explanations, and brought wisdom to enable timely decision making. Johnathan’s wise counsel and biblical perspective have been extremely valuable as we transitioned our investments to his team to manage. We are confident to face upcoming years with Johnathan at our side.”

Pam & Richard B.

Charlotte, NC

“I have had Johnathan as my financial advisor for about 5 years. As a 66-year-old pediatrician, it is important to steward well what the Lord has given us. Johnathan has made this easy for a financial novice like myself. His most important attribute is his love for God, and I sleep well at night knowing he is upright and knows my goals, giving me information, options, and explanations that I can understand. On several occasions he has sat with me and led conversations with other key contributors to our finances, carrying out technical tasks and transactions on my behalf. My wife and I always pray with him before we begin meetings that we may leave lasting legacy with our finances to build the Kingdom of God.”

Kimberly & Michael C., MD

Charlotte, NC

“Hunter’s financial and godly wisdom has been so valuable in helping us steer through complex financial times. We have been able to maximize our giving and feel confident in our financial future. We have been blessed both personally and financially to have Hunter on our team.”

Kevin & Carol B.

Hickory, NC

“Johnathan is a trusted and valued advisor to our family. He asks timeless questions which have helped us form a financial plan together. With his counsel we have accomplished family goals, wisely used our resources and enjoy wonderful peace of mind.”

Bryan M.

Greensboro, NC

“I am so glad that I found Blue Trust over 20 years ago! As a widow, they have helped me in so many ways, and I depend on them to make the best decisions with my investments. I am blessed to have Michael Cranford as my advisor. He is a man of integrity who puts Jesus and his family first in his life, which helps me to trust his advisement!”

Joan P.

Boone, NC

“We have been blessed to be a client of Blue Trust for nearly 25 years. We have come to consider our advisors and staff as family! We also view them as our financial pastors for the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they have provided us over the years. In 1999 I could have never imagined that we would have been able to have such a Kingdom impact nor that we would have been so blessed through supporting and encouraging relationships to challenge us to grow spiritually. We are thankful for their wisdom in saving, investing, estate planning, tax minimization, long term goal setting and planning. Blue Trust has become a “one stop shop” for us on any financial or life change matter. There is nothing more comforting than to know that someone has already walked the path you are on before you and can readily help you avoid the pitfalls. Thank you Blue Trust team; you continue to be a huge blessing in our lives.”

Fred B.

Pinehurst, NC

“I knew right from the start that Andrew was God’s answer to my prayer for wise financial counsel. I worked most of my life in Christian education, the last 15 years of which have been on the mission field, and it was a great encouragement and confirmation to me that Andrew knew exactly what I was going through. He was patient with explanations, regularly checking on me, and timely and thoughtful in responding to my emails. And when Andrew finishes our sessions by praying for me, it’s a sweet reminder that Blue Trust was indeed God’s provision.”

Scott B.

Mint Hill, NC

“Our church foundation was led to invest our assets with Blue Trust almost two years ago in 2021. Our advisor guided us through some very turbulent economic times last year. We are so thankful and appreciative for his management of what the Lord has generously given to our foundation. We look forward to a long relationship with Blue Trust.”

David Heath

Treasurer, Global Missions Foundation, Inc.

“As we prepare for retirement, we’ve had Daniel review our holdings. He suggested small changes that have increased our cash flow, allowing us to reach several financial goals.”

Stephanie A.

Yorba Linda, CA

“I am very grateful to have found Blue Trust. Daniel Chacon and his team have guided us through the financial process of preparing for retirement with care, concern and the utmost professionalism.”

Don & JJ T.

Orange, CA

“The Orange County team of Blue Trust is awesome to work with. Very knowledgeable, professional and focused on client needs and a desire to steward assets well with an eternal perspective in mind. Their full team has complete integrity and trust. They are great to partner with in creating a solid financial plan for your family and future generations to come.”

Jim & Sylvia S.

Yorba Linda, CA

“We selected Blue Trust Orange County because we knew we could trust them due to their training and integrity. We also appreciate their Christian perspective and biblical philosophy of wealth management. It has been a relief to have the assistance and services of Daniel and his team – we have no regrets!”

Steve & Karen E.

Placentia, CA

We have worked with Blue Trust for well over 25 years. During this journey together we have greatly appreciated the Godly wisdom and advice they have provided. We have worked closely with both Derek Irish and David Lawless, and they are far more than financial advisors. The relationship we have developed is one of friendship that we can share so closely with one another. They have taken us on a journey of “planning” that is unparalleled.

Working with Blue Trust has helped us achieve our financial goals that in the beginning we were not sure were possible. Derek and David always do an excellent job of breaking down the discussion into manageable pieces to understand that allow us to determine the next steps. They each bring a unique skill set to our discussions that helps us plan. They are great at stretching us into a place of both giving and investing and have recently brought new tools together that are helping us do even more.

They have listened closely to our needs over this amazing 25+ year journey, and as a result have shaped our financial future to a place we are so pleased with. It’s a joy working with Blue Trust and we would highly recommend them to others for consideration.

Karl W.

Kingsland, TX

I will without hesitation recommend Jeff Wernick and Blue Trust for their expertise, character, transparency, and honesty in the complete transaction of selling my business from finding the buyer to closing the sale. It was a very positive experience from beginning to end for us. At times, Jeff would hold his position firm with the prospective buyer and also would speak kindly but be straightforward with me on what he thought was in our best interest. Throughout the process, Jeff was very honest and highly skilled with the buyer, me, and my team and it was an excellent experience and outcome for all concerned.

Gary D.

Greg has faithfully served our family through the years, operating as our family’s financial quarterback. We place deep trust in Greg and his team and, as such, he has been able to work with other members on our financial team to accomplish projects on our behalf. He and his team bring us biblical counsel from an objective perspective. Greg has helped us determine our “Finish Line” for our financial independence, and he coordinates short-term action items so that we make consistent progress on our goals. He is especially passionate about encouraging our generosity, maximizing opportunities to be more effective with taxes, and giving us peace of mind when we make large gifts and donations. Greg and his team serve with excellence, are always prompt and responsive, and genuinely care about our family.

Mark & Katharyn Richt

Athens, GA

Colby’s genuine care for us along with his immense knowledge of both the financial and accounting industries has made his hire one year ago the best hire we have ever made. After just one year, we are feeling so much more unity and clarity around finances while also experiencing by far the most prosperity we ever have. We are so grateful we acted, and we love talking to our friends that use Colby as well about how much they enjoy support from him also!

Pat and Christine Ianni, Former MLS Cup Champion and Olympian

Newport Beach, CA

For the last eight years, Jeff Wernick and the Business Consulting arm of Blue Trust have consistently provided me in my role as president, our leadership team, and our company with excellent professional advice. They have captured our vision, understood our culture, interacted regularly with our leadership, evaluated our pain points, and advised us through significant corporate and industry change. All this has resulted in market share growth, increased employee morale, and a very bright future.

Bob Hawkins

Harvest House Publishers

As with most small business owners, the partners of our company and I found the process of selling the business to be unfamiliar territory. Jeff was recommended to us and immediately became an invaluable part of our journey. He patiently educated us in the process, negotiated effectively on our behalf, and helped us maximize the value of the company. Jeff was professional and responsive in all aspects of his work with us. He impressed both our team and the acquirer’s team with his effectiveness and calm demeanor throughout the process. The owners and I could not have been more pleased with Jeff’s involvement with our transaction and would strongly recommend him to others considering a merger or acquisition for their company.

Terrie Hill

Former CFO, ACT Security

I would like to share my appreciation for Jeff Wernick and Blue Trust as I worked with them on the sale of my 300-plus employee business I started in 1989. I have to say it was a big decision for me to turn loose of many things and commit to walk through a very intense process. Jeff even negotiated positions and income for two of my sons that chose to stay with the new business owners. In my opinion, based on our experience, they are very deserving.

Gary D.

Blue Trust has helped open our eyes to finances in a new and healthy way. We would encourage anyone who is looking for biblical counsel around their finances to talk with the team at Blue Trust. Their planning process helped us understand our finances and pay off our debt and also empowered us to make decisions for the Kingdom!

Daniel Murphey

MLB Infielder

Our advisor and his team have served us very capably for many years. They have become trusted advisors and friends whom we can call about many different subjects and questions.

Cathy R.

Dalton, GA

Working with David Campaigne and his team of experts at Blue Trust since 2011 has been a ‘game changer’ for my wife and I in helping us steward well the resources with which we’ve been entrusted. We also appreciate David’s heart for serving folks like us in full-time ministry.

Mark Batterson, New York Times Bestselling Author & Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Washington, D.C.

David Campaigne and his team at Blue Trust have provided excellent counsel in helping our family steward our resources. He is one of the best listeners I know, asking thoughtful questions to better understand our values and priorities. Working with David has been an incredible gift for our family.

Peter Greer, President & CEO of HOPE International

Landisville, PA

Working with David Campaigne and his team of experts at Blue Trust has been a ‘game changer’ for us to ensure we are managing our wealth wisely and being generous with the time, talents, and treasure we’ve been given – all from a biblical worldview.

Paul D., Former President & CEO of Mountaire Farms, Inc.

Dagsboro, DE

I transitioned to fully devote my time to leading several new business ventures, with a key goal of making a greater impact in the upstate New York business community. David and his team at Blue Trust have been instrumental in helping us navigate our financial journey through these recent transitions. David continues to provoke our thinking around being generous with our time, talents, and treasure.

David C.

Little Falls, NY

In January 2020, I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my husband from a heart attack and became a widow at the age of 58. David Campaigne’s involvement in our lives and financial stewardship journey allowed me to walk through this difficult time in my life with clarity and confidence around my finances and investments with David as my friend and advisor.

Lori T.

Middle River, MD

Our advisor and his team have done a great job helping us to establish investment plans, organize estate planning, and develop giving plans that are consistent with our foundations in faith.

Jeff & Sherry M.

Gainesville, GA

In 2012, when I became the leader of a large privately owned company, my wife and I were at a point in our financial lives where we knew we needed to hire a trusted financial advisor to help us steward our wealth. Also, I wanted the executives on my management team to have access to a trusted financial advisor to guide them in their financial decisions.

Paul D., Former President & CEO of Mountaire Farms, Inc.

Dagsboro, DE

My wife, Tammy, and I have been working with our advisor for over six years and the greater firm of Blue Trust since the 1990s. Our advisor has been a great resource; he has been there for us through challenges. He gets back to us quickly with responses to our unique needs. He supplies great insight and wisdom at each meeting and on an as needed basis. His knowledge and use of the tools and processes are excellent, ultimately bringing us greater clarity and focus.

Tim & Tammy C.

Fullerton, CA

We first got to know Colby as a student at Biola university, then as an advisor and donor to our marriage ministry. Now on our own personal financial stewardship journey he is the one that we trust! We research, we write, we speak, we counsel couples on building spiritual and emotional intimacy, but it is the most successful couples that focus on building financial intimacy with a Biblical foundation. This is the key approach that Colby takes when he works with us. We highly recommend that couples seeking to build unity, peace of mind, confidence, and clarity in their money decisions should seek Colby’s financial wisdom and counsel. We believe it is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Chris & Alisa Grace, Founders & Directors Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships

La Habra, CA

My advisor has guided me on my financial journey through biblical wisdom and technical expertise. He has helped me determine “how much is enough” to retire with financial freedom and helped me implement the plan to achieve it. His diligence to my financial situation and breadth of knowledge around tax planning and investing, allowed me to take an opportunity to convert some of my retirement assets to a Roth IRA, which has had significant growth and drastic tax savings for the future.

Lynn L.

Tustin, CA

Since Blue Trust’s team joined our family on our stewardship journey, we have more clearly understood our finances and have been empowered to accomplish our goals. We now see the value of having a financial planner, not just an investment advisor, to oversee all aspects of our situation. We would encourage anyone desiring biblical-based counsel, financial expertise, and objectivity to engage with Blue Trust.

Demario and Tamela Davis

NFL Athlete and Founder of Devoted Dreamers Foundation

We have worked with Chris for seven years and he is more than a financial advisor, he is a trusted friend. Working with Chris has helped us achieve financial goals that once seemed impossible or reachable only in the far distant future. He does an excellent job at breaking the big picture into small, manageable, steps. He’s great at both casting vision and walking you all the way there. Working with Chris helped shape our financial future in irreplaceable ways. We cannot recommend working with him enough.

Mike and Shannon P.

Ladera Ranch, CA

My husband, Dave, and I started working with Blue Trust after my father died, leaving us a sizable inheritance. Having that much money to manage and invest was a new experience for us. We had come to know our advisor at our church as a committed Christian who was knowledgeable about financial matters, and we trusted his advice. He recognized our desire to honor God with our finances, as well as our need to be educated. He encouraged our growth in godliness and patiently taught us during our regular meetings and whenever issues or questions arose.

Marcia & Dave S.

Lake Forest, CA

My wife and I have been so deeply impacted by our advisor. We had never had someone speak into our lives on both a spiritual and practical level when it comes to our finances. He goes far above and beyond in our meetings to help us feel hopeful and that we are not alone as we steward the resources that the Lord has given us. We love how every conversation is bathed in scripture and so well prepared for our specific situation. We are incredibly grateful!

Justin & Falon U.

Huntington Beach, CA

We are so blessed to have the expertise of Blue Trust on our team. Our advisor has helped guide and lead us with wisdom into God’s will for our family. He assisted in strengthening our financial plans, developing future education goals for our children, establishing a retirement plan, and guiding our giving strategy. Most of all, he was able to give us confidence that our God-given incomes were being stewarded to the best of our abilities according to God’s will.

Lance & Veronica R.

Temecula, CA

Our advisor has been such a valuable teammate for us as we’ve navigated change in our careers and our goals. On multiple occasions, he offered advice that single-handedly saved us more than his well-earned fee. Not only has he been an excellent advisor for the financial aspects of life, but he has also been instrumental in helping us think through difficult business and professional decisions over the past few years. He is wise beyond his years!

Mark & Jamie S.

Brea, CA

Our parents had a long history with Blue Trust, so when it was time for us to seek financial guidance, we also turned to them. The week before the Covid-19 virus shut down the country, we had our first meeting with our advisor. The next two years were tumultuous and stressful for everyone, but our advisor was a calm, steady, and guiding resource during times of insanity and transition. His expertise and financial prowess set the tone for a lasting business partnership and personal relationship that we will be forever grateful for – he is a blessing and a Godsend.

Dawn & Mike R.

Newport Beach, CA

I first came to Blue Trust six years ago knowing I needed to be a better steward of the money I was blessed with, but I was totally risk averse! My advisor took the time and patience to educate me in the investment process and get to know me as a person so that the financial plan was developed truly for me and my risk tolerance. The plan has performed beautifully – right in line with our projections which, to me, is a true testament to his mentoring and leadership. I never would have believed it, but now I have overall confidence in the investment process!

Cindy G.

Huntington Beach, CA

I have been with Blue Trust for over 20 years, and I’ve had the privilege of working with Chris Lim for the last seven. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is very personable and extremely competent when it comes to money management. He seems to always be available and responds quickly and thoroughly to any questions or concerns I express. I loved that as Chris got to know me, he was able to anticipate my questions and not spend time explaining things I understood. I hired Blue Trust because I wanted a company that shared my values for competence, honesty, and integrity. I also wanted to spend as little time as possible managing our investments. Working with Chris met all these objectives. I am more than happy to talk with anyone considering Chris Lim for their financial advisor.

Stan C.

Morgan Hill, CA

We want to say thank you for the many years of ups and downs our advisor has stood by our side. He always has our best interest in mind, which brings us so much comfort. Now that we are in this new place with our company selling, we are so thankful to have him to guide us through this process. We are in uncharted waters that need experts like him. He cares beyond our finances. Every time we meet, it feels like we are in the company of good friends instead of at a money meeting… May this platform he stands on continue to be God’s hand and voice to others.

Tim & Tammy C.

Fullerton, CA

Greg genuinely cares about helping our family and has shown his commitment to keeping us on a healthy financial road. His high standards have been reflected in his work and the work of his team over decades. Greg is proactive, responsive, and helps us make consistent financial progress. We have experienced his being a source of wisdom, life counsel and biblical perspective for us throughout many seasons of life. Greg and the team at Blue Trust have managed our investment portfolio with the ability to navigate financial markets. Nancy and I know that Greg and his team are here for us (and our children and grandchildren!) when we need them. We are confident to face the years ahead with Greg at our side coaching us along the way.

Price & Nancy Harding

Bonita Springs, FL

My wife and I have many strengths in our relationship. Financial literacy is not one of them. Working with two non-salaried streams of income – a realtor and actress combo – we needed guidance on how best to plan for our future. We’ve learned that financial health can greatly impact marital health and agreed that financial transparency is a core value for our family. We began seeking referrals for a certified financial planner, and thank God we were led to Colby! Not long into our first consultation, we knew we were in good hands. Despite having zero basic knowledge of financial management, he made all terms and processes simple and easy to understand. Colby helped us set up life insurance policies, SEP IRA accounts, and perhaps most importantly, taught us how to create a charitable donation fund so that we can give cheerfully and with freedom. Not only that, Colby’s approachable and relaxed energy puts us at ease on every call. We always know what to do next, what to anticipate, and genuinely look forward to our meetings.

Clayton & Allegra Snyder, Disney Channel Actor and Actress on Amazon Prime’s “Upload”

North Hollywood, CA

Without my advisor’s help, the decisions I had to make as I lived on my own for the first time would have felt overwhelming. His involvement gave me peace of mind.

Ingrid G.

Glenview, IL

What really has impressed us is the way our advisor takes the time to understand where we are individually and collectively as a family on a life journey that just happens to involve finances. In our experience, his emphasis on holistic stewardship sets him apart from all others in the industry. The peace of mind he has provided, as someone who has cared alongside us on this journey, cannot be overstated.

Mark & Joann

Northbrook, IL

We had specific needs in regard to a family trust, which required management and skill. Blue Trust successfully quarterbacked all of the parties (tax accountants, trust manager, etc.) so that our efforts were greatly reduced. We only wish that we had started our relationship with Keith and the team at Blue Trust earlier, as it has been a very fruitful experience.

David & Margaret S.

Libertyville, IL

It has not only been a pleasure working with Keith and the Blue Trust team, it has been a life-changing experience. They helped us create a clear picture of where we were financially and where we may be in the future. This has allowed us to explore some of our desires and the ability to achieve them. There is great peace of mind knowing where you are and where you are going. The clarity has now allowed us to explore God’s desires for us for the rest of our life.

Pat & Amy

Libertyville, IL

When considering receiving counsel in our lives, whether relationally or financially, we believe it’s important that we share core values. No value is more foundational to us than our faith as Christians. Blue Trust combines practical experience with biblical wisdom. We feel that Blue Trust not only prepares our family to steward our finances well – it does so in a way that prepares us to give generously both in the present and future.

Clayton & Allegra Snyder, Disney Channel Actor and Actress on Amazon Prime’s “Upload”

North Hollywood, CA

Seven years later, our advisor and his team have become dear, trustworthy friends. We have made a good return on our investments, but the return has been so much more than financial for us! Our hearts have grown in an understanding of investing not only in the stock market but also investing in the kingdom of God and being generous with what we have.

Jeff & Jenny

Lincolnshire, IL

We have worked with our advisor for over ten years. We have certainly seen some dynamic events in our world and the economy over the past ten years, yet he and Blue Trust have helped us stay on our financial plan and grow our net worth while remaining true to biblical financial principles. Our advisor and his team have lovingly held us accountable, adjusted portfolio strategies when required, and taken a personal interest in us and our family. We recommend that any Christian investor consider the team at Blue Trust.

Andrew & Carolyn

Lake Forest, IL

Hiring Blue Trust was probably the best financial decision of my life.

Dave M.

Waterford, VA

We hired Aaron Groen in 2016 after realizing we wanted the expertise, wisdom, and accountability of a private wealth advisor. Since then, Aaron’s insight and guidance have been invaluable to us as we navigate the who, what, where, when, and how of stewarding our money to the glory of God. We can’t speak highly enough about how incredible Aaron has been as a personal advisor, as well as a business advisor for our company. We recommend everyone we know to him. No one has ever regretted making the decision to hire him! God used him to change our lives. We are eternally grateful.

Natalie M

Linthicum-Heights, MD

“I would like to express my thanks for the work Daniel has done for me over the past year. I am absolutely delighted with his service. It is rewarding to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances, and preferences. What really impressed me was the way Daniel took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, his resourcefulness and common‐sense approach. Daniel’s professional, ethical, and caring demeanor evokes my trust and respect. I gladly recommend his services whenever possible. May he prosper, along with his clients.”

Ali Mashhadi

Irvine, CA

Blue Trust is a breath of fresh air in a world driven by profit and the acquisition of things. They are a conduit to empowering the lives of others.

Kenny Hill

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Atlanta Community Food Bank

Blue Trust’s Business Consulting team has been walking alongside our family business during our succession from Gen 4 to Gen 5. In the last 6 months, they have mapped out a succession planning timeline, helped our family gain a collective vision, and developed individual discipleship plans to prepare and equip the next generation.

Ashley Luse

Luse Contracting Group

Blue Trust … asked thoughtful, probing questions, quickly got a good grasp of our company, and was able to bring back a good, solid analysis of next steps.

Debbie Varner

Varner Resources

Blue Trust guided me through developing a mission statement and corporate values that aren’t just corporate psychobabble nonsense, but meaningful objectives that fix our team’s attention on a target that drives us toward success.

Rob Milam


Blue Trust quickly gained the trust and respect of our three children that were in the business … [they’ve] been able to approach sensitive subjects and begin fruitful dialogues …

Mike Eddy

Beacon Fisheries

They quickly put our minds at ease as they helped us see how our assets would carry us into the future, how we could plan better for the future, and how different scenarios of spending and earning could affect our financial picture.

Cathy R.

Dalton, GA

Our advisor and his team have been able to provide sound financial advice rooted in biblical principles as we moved into our retirement years.

Jeff & Sherry M.

Gainesville, GA

Dan Grover has been a great friend and wonderful financial advisor. We have always felt very safe and well taken care of regarding our finances with his help.

Dr. Mike and MaryAnn M.

Sumter, SC

Dan Grover’s concern for others, attention to detail, and expertise in assisting families financially plan for the future are done with excellence. We really appreciate how he never fails to continue to keep before us that we are stewards of what God has richly blessed us with. This emphasis will have long-lasting Kingdom implications for us and our family, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Roby and Grace K.

Sumter, SC

When we first met Dan Grover nearly 25 years ago, he possessed all the requisite professional skills along with a unique ability to listen and respond to us in ways that helped us grow.

He plugged into our family immediately and began to coach and prod using ways that greatly enhanced our personal walks with the Lord. He also helped us as we strived to guide our young daughters through those critical early years. Now he is doing the same thing with those adult daughters and their growing families.

Pat and Pam M.

Charleston, SC

Dan Grover’s influence on my life, family finances, and business planning cannot be overstated. It’s uncommon to find a business professional with the heart of a teacher who becomes a mentor and then a friend. He has done all of those.

Matthew W.

Salisbury, NC

Dan Grover and his incredible team have served my family as a trusted advisor for 20 years. During that time I have never found myself concerned about the wealth God has entrusted to me. He has been a person I have had complete trust in. He has been a voice of wisdom for my children and their spouses and has helped all of us learn how to be good stewards and generous givers.

Dr. George G.

Charleston, SC

Dan Grover has helped us make financial decisions that affect us and our family. He is trustworthy, honest, and a man of integrity. He has guided us through the deaths of our parents and the use of inherited resources. He has provided us God’s perspective on godly living in every area of life.

Dan and Cathy H.

York, SC

For over 20 years, the Chicago office of Blue Trust led by George Kawasaki and his impressive team has provided us with the financial advice that honors our conviction that we are held accountable for being good stewards of the resources that God has provided. Their interest goes beyond “the numbers” of responsible investment and retirement planning, reflecting their commitment and interest in our personal and spiritual well-being as well. We are blessed to have had this long-standing relationship!

Peach and Ted P.

Aurora, IL

Blue Trust and Dan Grover’s team have helped Barbara and me for the past 15 years and Dan’s counsel has meant so much to me. Dan has helped us to invest and steward our resources wisely, to have an overall well-coordinated plan, to reduce taxes, and to be more structured and smart so that we could be more generous and meet our financial goals.
Most importantly, Barbara and I have had peace about our finances and joy through both giving and from being freed from the burdens of investment decisions with multiple advisors.

Dr. John B.

Mount Pleasant, SC

We have been blessed to have had the wealth management counsel of our advisor for the past two decades. Using his broad investment and tax expertise and teamwork with the Blue Trust financial sector specialists, he continues to exceed our expectations. He has stimulated our long-range planning and coordinated with our trust lawyer to act as the executor of our estate. We have learned to take a long-term view, while he protects our short-term options to handle the unexpected. It gives us such peace of mind to trust our investments with our advisor and Blue Trust.

Ed & Pam B.

Wheaton, IL

We have worked with our advisor for over 20 years. He has been a calming influence during the market’s ups and downs, providing wise counsel and educating us on the value of a long-term management perspective. His guidance in making wise financial decisions has enabled us to support various ministries, individuals in need, and plan for a lasting legacy to further God’s work internationally. His goal has been to help us focus on the things that matter most to us, and to accomplish our desire to be faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.

Milton & Sharon F.

St. Charles, IL

Gary and I first met our advisor in 2008 after visiting four other investment organizations. Some days later, after prayerful consideration, my husband asked me which one I felt most comfortable choosing. My answer was an unequivocal “John Yukawa.” When Gary asked why, I told him it was because “John is a godly man that I respect and would feel comfortable with if anything happened to you!” In 2011, my husband passed to Heaven and John has been one of the constants in my life that I am able to trust in widowhood. He is not only intelligent but caring and great at what he does. John is a counselor who listens well and always offers prayer — my favorite part about who he is.

Teresa B.

Knoxville, TN

We have been working with our advisor since 2008 and each year we have a greater appreciation for the insights and wisdom he and the Blue Trust team provide. While investment advice and strategy is important, he also provides great counsel on overall financial planning, estate planning, tax, and charitable giving considerations. He consistently emphasizes the necessary biblical principles regarding our finances. He is very personable and caring, and he takes the time to answer our many questions. We could not have succeeded in progressing towards our financial goals without our advisor’s valuable guidance.

Phil & Julie K.

Lombard, IL

Working with the team at Blue Trust has been such a gift. We needed financial advice on how to steward our assets well, and Blue Trust came highly recommended. We have been able to not only receive the best financial advice, but we have also grown our portfolio to have the capacity to be generous with what God has blessed our family with. Our advisor has been invaluable for not only financial advice, but to lend a constant listening ear to help navigate the curve balls life sometimes throws.

Erin & Michael M.

Senoia, GA

We have been working with our advisor and her team for over 20 years in both lean and fat seasons. We have found her advice to be wise, timely, insightful, competent, helpful, and fully trustworthy. She has a humble confidence expressed in her warm, relational, professional style. She and her team have been instrumental in helping our family steward our financial assets and give generously. We heartily recommend her – she will bless you!

Bill & Alison I.

Roswell, GA

Lisa Hopcroft and her team have been our account representatives at Blue Trust for the past 4 years. They are all very professional and efficient. Their presentations that show our financial position, investments and projections for future income and spending are very detailed and extremely helpful. They have also been most helpful in dealing with questions relating to our home loan, life insurance, social security and Medicare. Knowing their spiritual background and the way that they make decisions and provide guidance is a great comfort to us. Cathy and I highly trust their judgment and integrity, and are happy to recommend them to our friends and relatives.

Ted & Cathy D.

Mineral Bluff, GA

We want to say thank you for the many years of ups and downs our advisor has stood by our side. He always has our best interest in mind, which brings us so much comfort. Now that we are in this new place with our company selling, we are so thankful to have him to guide us through this process. We are in uncharted waters that need experts like him. He cares beyond our finances. Every time we meet, it feels like we are in the company of good friends instead of at a money meeting… May this platform he stands on continue to be God’s hand and voice to others.

Tim & Tammy C.

Fullerton, CA

As far as Marshall and Blue Trust and their counsel and their advice, Marshall takes care of our financial planning. We have confidence in him. He does things that I don’t like to do. But what he has done, and it’s been a very consistent approach, he provokes our thought. He provokes us around the Kingdom work, around what can we do with our finances. He gives us confidence about our finances. Then he provokes us with, what do you do? How does the giving fit into your overall plan? And how can we be generous?

Robin H.

Athens, GA

I met Don Christensen, and from day one something clicked. That relationship just grew and he became way more than a financial advisor. He’s been there for everything in my life. He’s been a mentor. He introduced me to the importance of giving. He started talking about the importance of not just giving, but also going in person, whatever it is that you’re doing, and going in person and experiencing the whole thing and having an impact on people.

Jaime Garcia, Retired Major League Baseball Pitcher

Mission, TX

We’ve been with Blue Trust about five years. We got to know Dan Grover through my practice. Of course, with my age, I was winding down to the end of my career and there’s a lot of parts that had to fit together. The advisor that I had with Blue Trust was great. He just organized things. He started talking about the ways that we could deal with real estate, trusts, and how we’re going to distribute things with the kids, and he just walked us through those things. I spent the last five years doing that. We had a lot of pieces to put together, to take apart, actually more than put together, take apart and then put back together the right way.

Tom A.

Stanfield, NC

Kerry is very good at explaining things so that we can understand them. Our money is growing, and we have confidence that our plan for the future is just what we need.

Cathy R.

Dalton, GA

Since 2016, we’ve faced some unexpected health challenges that greatly impacted our original plan. Knowing that our advisor and his team are there for us whenever we need them and pray for us regularly is one more thing that gives us confidence in the future and peace in the Lord’s plan.

Bill & Amber B.

Atlanta, GA

As a result of working with Blue Trust, we have had the blessing of serving others and being the hands and feet of Jesus without the burden of detailed financial management. God has allowed us to support various ministries, time to minister to our adult children and grandchildren, serve internationally and locally on short-term missions teaching Crown and building relationships to share our faith and make disciples.

Rosario & Karen S.

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Colby is a fantastic financial planner who has helped me significantly improve my financial planning. He listens, looks to understand long-term goals, provides creative solutions, and serves his clients’ needs well. I strongly recommend working with Colby if you are looking for someone to provide you great advice with a genuine, caring approach.

Brent M.

San Clemente, CA

We first called Blue Trust to determine how soon I could retire. Our advisor and the Blue Trust organization guided us on a spiritual path at exactly the right time to focus us on God’s will at this stage of our lives and we will be forever thankful.

Jim & Norma W.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Our advisor has guided us in our journey by helping us look at money from a biblical worldview. He has helped us make smart decisions regarding our finances and has coached us through how to protect our assets, advised us in future investments, helped us achieve our personal goals, and magnified the gifts God has entrusted us to give freely and joyfully.

Chad & Erica Merrihew, Partners Art & Framing

Newport Beach, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Byron Nelson and his associates at Blue Trust for over 20 years. Byron’s professional advice and counsel has greatly benefitted my family, business, and me-not only financially but also spiritually. I look forward to many more years of working with Byron and the Blue Trust team.

Casey J.

Villa Park, CA

“Our advisor helped us with all of the financial planning involved in purchasing our first home. He came alongside us and acted as our ‘quarterback’ by facilitating meetings with our mortgage broker and recommending real estate agents in our area. The people he recommended were genuine professionals who reflected the values of Blue Trust and bent over backward to make sure the process was as easy and stress-free as possible.”

Austin & Yen B.

Napa, CA

We have worked with Blue Trust for well over 25 years. During this journey together we have greatly appreciated the Godly wisdom and advice they have provided. We have worked closely with both Derek Irish and David Lawless, and they are far more than financial advisors. The relationship we have developed is one of friendship that we can share so closely with one another. They have taken us on a journey of “planning” that is unparalleled.

Working with Blue Trust has helped us achieve our financial goals that in the beginning we were not sure were possible. Derek and David always do an excellent job of breaking down the discussion into manageable pieces to understand that allow us to determine the next steps. They each bring a unique skill set to our discussions that helps us plan. They are great at stretching us into a place of both giving and investing and have recently brought new tools together that are helping us do even more.

They have listened closely to our needs over this amazing 25+ year journey, and as a result have shaped our financial future to a place we are so pleased with. It’s a joy working with Blue Trust and we would highly recommend them to others for consideration.

Karl W.

Kingsland, TX

We’ve been working with Kerry and his wonderful team since 2016. They are professional, caring, and very responsive. At our regular meetings, after catching up like old friends, Kerry explains things thoroughly and makes recommendations regarding our positions. He is also available anytime for questions or recommendations that aren’t specific to our investments and he sometimes reaches out just to touch base.

Bill & Amber B.

Atlanta, GA

“Kerry also has helped guide us through updating our wills and making other planning decisions as they relate to our adult children and grandchildren. He and his team have helped us set up 529 plans for funding college for our grandchildren. They keep us on track and provide accountability.”

Cathy R.

Dalton, GA

Kerry and his team have done a great job educating us on financial plans that give us clarity and confidence as we transition into retirement.

Jeff & Sherry M.

Gainesville, GA

Our advisor genuinely cares for us and our family. We trust him and thus feel great confidence that he is on our team as we face the years ahead. Our investments are growing at a steady rate and we have confidence in the future.

Cathy R.

Dalton, GA

All discussions start with prayer and an overview of how the family is doing. Only then do we discuss finances. This sequencing of topics is consistent with Blue Trust’s value system that make our relationship that much stronger.

Jeff & Sherry M.

Gainesville, GA

*In a client survey conducted in October of 2022, clients were asked to respond on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how likely they are to recommend Blue Trust to others. 96% of survey respondents reported either an 8, 9, or 10.