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“You can’t leave character to a trust account. You can’t write your values into the will. You can’t bank traits like courage, honesty, and compassion in a safe-deposit box. What we need is a plan – a long-term strategy to convey our convictions to the next generation.”

– Tim Kimmel
Founder of Family Matters

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.

Matthew 25:29

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The foundation to managing and transferring family wealth wisely is simply the family. At Blue Trust Family Office, we encourage our clients to engage in an intentional planning process, which empowers current and future generations to shape and maintain a legacy comprising social, spiritual, and financial capital. Our Family Office services create the environment to help your family:

  • Identify your core values and beliefs
  • Develop a family mission and vision statement about how you define success and wealth
  • Structure a family governance process based on those values
  • Apply a biblical worldview across multigenerational planning

Although every family is different, we constantly seek to understand those characteristics that are common to successful families and employ a process that increases the probability a family effectively transfers their wealth and values to future generations.

Why Family Office?

Transferring Wealth Wisely

At Blue Trust Family Office, we know that too often families transfer their financial capital without planning for the requisite social and spiritual capital needed to steward it wisely. We know how important it is for your estate plans to reflect your values. We know that achieving your financial goals is critical. But we also know that wealth transferred to future generations without the necessary wisdom to manage and steward that wealth can have generational implications. We place a high priority on preparing and educating all of the generations through:

  • Family mission and culture development
  • Regular meetings and communications
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Trust services
  • Family business succession planning

The Blue Trust Difference

Our Mission

Blue Trust’s Family Office mission is to encourage our clients to maintain a balanced life and engage in an intentional planning process, which empowers current and future generations to shape and maintain a legacy comprising social, spiritual, and financial capital. Everything we do helps support our Family Office division’s mission:

  • Principles-based advice
  • Focus on your family’s stories, values, and beliefs
  • Acting as more than an investment-based relationship
  • Centered on the “business of the family” rather than just the family business

In addition to employing advanced planning techniques and investment solutions, we are distinguished by our biblical world view, which is the philosophical overlay for all of our services. This approach serves as the “touchstone” for families desiring to use biblical principles to steward, share, and prioritize wealth and helps them create a multigenerational legacy that goes beyond money.

Comprehensive Services

Stewarding Your Plan Based on Values, Beliefs, Goals, and Objectives

Wealth Management

  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Investment Management (AUM)
  • Investment Advisory (AUA)
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Private Investment Banking
  • Charitable Planning
Boutique Support 

  • Trust & Estate Services
  • Custody Services
  • Bill Pay
  • Private Banking
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Family Security
  • Tax Coordination/Compliance
  • Concierge Services
  • Special Asset Services
  • Land/Property Management
Family Legacy

  • Family Meetings
  • Values Assessment
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Nextgen Engagement
  • Family Storytelling
  • Family Governance
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Family Education
  • Succession Planning
  • Philanthropic Consulting

Some of the services described herein are provided by other third parties. Services subject to execution of services agreement. Other fees, terms and conditions apply.

Questions We Can Help You Answer

Let Our Team Guide You

  • How can we best communicate as a family?
  • What are the values, vision, and experiences that are critical for our family’s current situation?
  • Do we have a structure in place to empower and guide current and future generations?
  • How can we be intentional about creating a culture where family values are effectively communicated and transferred to future generations?
  • Have we created a process and governance structure for addressing the “Business of the Family” in the same degree that we address our “Family Business”?
  • How have we addressed the financial, social, and spiritual capital of each family member, in each generation?

If any of these questions are relevant to you, let us discuss how we can help.

Meet the Team

Scott Calhoun, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CIMA®, CWS®

Managing Director

Skip Perkins, JD, CTFA, CWS®

Sr. Family Office Advisor

Era Yoo

Sr. Family Office Advisor

Jim Summers

Sr. Family Office Advisor

Christopher Carlson, CFP®, AEP®

Chief Fiduciary Officer

Laurie McRae, JD

Family Office Advisor

Anehita Chie, CWS®, CPA

Family Office Advisor

Kyle Kutz, CPA

Private Family Office Director

Tina Lovejoy

Family Legacy Advisor

Claiborne Haw

Family Legacy Advisor

Mark Elam, CFA

Sr. Family Office Investment Strategist

Jonah Johnson, CFP®

Investment Associate

Mandy Kyser

Sr. Trust Operations Specialist

Kim Kampman

Family Office Client Service Manager

Melanie Allen

Client Service Manager

Andrew Peipers

Family Office Planning Specialist

Andrew Cole

Family Office Planning Specialist

Jessie Bowman

Family Office Planning Specialist