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“They quickly put our minds at ease as they helped us see how our assets would carry us into the future, how we could plan better for the future.”

– Cathy R.
Dalton, GA

Let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.

Galatians 6:10

Advisors are Critical to the Success of Our Clients and Firm.

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Blue Trust is actively seeking advisors who are:

  • Passionate about serving clients with excellence
  • Interested in having an eternal impact
  • Looking to integrate their faith into their financial advice & career
  • Seeking community & collaboration with like-minded team members

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Advisory Practice

Advisory Practice

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Individual Advisor

Exploring Business Continuity

Exploring Business Continuity

Advisor Transition Success Stories

Kerry Mallory

“I’ve spent most of my career in financial services, either directly providing financial advice to individuals and businesses or leading other advisors to help them grow their book of business. Yet, it wasn’t until joining Blue Trust that I was I able to fully integrate biblical principles into my practice. Now I combine my expertise with biblical wisdom. This unique perspective is helping my clients have more clarity and peace around their finances and leave a lasting legacy. I’m seeing God work in the lives of my clients in new and powerful ways.”

– Kerry Mallory
Sr. Private Wealth Advisor, Atlanta, GA

Before joining Blue Trust, Kerry worked with a large bank for 15 years serving in multiple roles including Senior Vice President of Private Wealth Management.

Mike Miller

“In Blue Trust we found a partner that believes in holistic financial planning and shares our commitment to enriching people’s lives for generations. Our goal has always been to help clients experience a healthy relationship with money and be good stewards of their resources. As part of Blue Trust, we believe we’ll be able to fulfill that mission to an even greater degree. This was more than a financial transaction to us, it was a true partnership.”

– Mike Miller
President and CEO of PlanFIRST

Transitioned PlanFIRST into Blue Trust in March 2019. Located in Greenville, SC. PlanFIRST was an RIA with $350 million in assets under management, 500 clients, and 16 employees.

Tom Dafnos & Brent Dunn

“In 2015, we reorganized and formed Crosspoint Wealth Advisors. Our motivation for that partnership was to be good stewards of the relationships we have with our clients and staff and to create a service model that could carry on with excellence well beyond our careers and lifetimes. By taking this very positive step in that direction, we feel like we have accomplished our goal by joining with Blue Trust.”

– Tom Dafnos & Brent Dunn
Cofounders of Crosspoint Wealth Advisors

Transitioned Crosspoint Wealth Advisors into Blue Trust in January 2020. Located in Indianapolis, IN. Crosspoint was an independent wealth advisory firm with $435 million in assets under management, 300 clients, and 7 employees.