Who We Serve

Every Journey Begins With A First Step

At Blue Trust, we are proud to meet our clients where they are. Everyone begins their journey by taking one step at a time. Let us help manage your wealth based on biblical principles.

He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his portion to the poor.

Proverbs 22:9

Wealth Management Services for Individuals and Families

We serve multimillionaires and everyday families with the same mission – put into practice biblical wisdom for wealth.
No matter who you are, YOU are our most important client and we have a service that fits your precise needs.

Private Wealth

  • I want a trusted advisor to help me create a comprehensive financial plan and protect my estate and assets
  • I have $1 million or more invested in various assets that need to be managed by experts
  • My financial situation is complex and I prefer regular/quarterly meetings
  • I want a personal CFO to manage all my finances and coordinate with other financial professionals
  • I need a detailed strategy to pass on my financial and Kingdom legacy to my family
  • I want help with complex tax strategies concerning my income and investments (business ownership, properties in multiple states, charitable trusts)

Everyday Steward

  • I want a trusted advisor to help me create a thorough financial plan and consulting regarding a particular financial issue or concern
  • I have at least $100k in investments
  • I prefer to meet with my advisor once or twice per year to review
  • I want a strategic plan to work with my tax, insurance, and estate professionals and referrals to other specialists
  • I want to build a financial and Kingdom legacy to pass on
  • I want help understanding the tax consequences of significant life events (retirement, investments, homeownership, college funding, charitable giving)

If one or more of these apply to you, contact us so we can customize a plan for you.

Need to Speak to Someone First?


At Blue Trust we believe women have a critical voice in the financial world. For over 40 years, we have served and championed women—intentionally including them in the planning process and equipping them with financial knowledge. We value the wisdom, discernment, and experiences that women bring to the table and believe they have an important and equal role to play.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with women in all stages of life and walk their journey with them. Our advisors help women answer questions like:

  • How do I know if I have enough assets to meet my or my family’s goals?
  • My spouse passed away recently, how do I put my finances in order?
  • We are expecting our first child and would like to live on one income to create flexibility and balance within our family. What financial factors should we consider?
  • As a single woman, how should I invest for the future?
  • My parents are aging. How do I faithfully steward their finances to cover their care?

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Business Owners

The Business Consulting division focuses on helping companies seeking greater purpose, needing strategic advice, and anticipating major ownership change. We work with companies and owners who want to develop a purpose-driven organization through intentional planning and a continued focus to achieve. If you need help answering any of these questions, then contact our team today.

  • WHY was the company created?
  • WHAT are you doing with what you have been given?
  • HOW are you building a business bigger than you?
  • WHO is being developed to replace you?
  • Are your people THRIVING?
  • Are you focusing on IMPACT?
  • Are you mitigating RISKS?
  • What happens IF/WHEN …?

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Ultra-High Net Worth Families

At Blue Trust Family Office, we know the difficulty of transferring wealth well. We know how important it is for your estate plans to reflect your values. We know that achieving your financial goals is critical. But we also know that wealth transferred to future generations without the necessary wisdom to manage and steward that wealth can have generational implications.

  • How can we best “communicate” as a family?
  • What are the values, vision, and experiences that are critical for our family’s current situation?
  • Do we have a structure in place to empower and guide current and future generations?
  • How can we be intentional about creating a culture where family values are effectively communicated and transferred to future generations?
  • Have we created a process and governance structure for addressing the “Business of the Family” in the same degree that we address our “Family Business”?
  • How have we addressed the financial, social, and spiritual capital of each family member, in each generation?

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Ministries & Nonprofits

Blue Trust Ministry Services helps faith-based ministries more effectively serve affluent and superaffluent donors by increasing the effectiveness of key generosity indicators in their donors’ lives.  If your Ministry has a compelling mission, a committed board and leadership team, and an inspiring strategic plan, then Ministry Services can help. God has developed faithful financial partners, many of whom have been entrusted with significant resources. One key to accomplishing your mission is to inspire both current and prospective donors to radical generosity.

  • Do you have a compelling and clearly articulated mission?
  • Do you have established financial “finish lines” for your donors to measure?
  • Do your donors have inspiring interactions with all of your ministry representatives?
  • Do you need help discovering what events trigger major gifts?
  • How do you address obstacles to major gift giving?
  • What are some possible risks with emphasizing raising future gifts?
  • What changes are occurring in the donor arena globally?
  • What truly engages your donors’ hearts?

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Sports & Entertainment

Professional Athletes-Demario and Tamela Davis

Demario and Tamela Davis
NFL Athlete & Founders of Devoted Dreamers Foundation

The Sports & Entertainment Division of Blue Trust has over 35 years of experience in serving the unique needs of professional athletes, coaches and entertainers. We serve over 120 professional athletes and coaches across the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, PGA Tour, and more, with advisors who have experience serving athletes in each sport. We can help you define your financial goals and take the necessary steps toward accomplishing them while providing biblical wisdom throughout the process.

  • Will I have enough to support this lifestyle after I retire?
  • Are there any tax savings that I am not taking advantage of?
  • Should I make this investment?
  • How much financial support should I provide for my extended family?
  • How do I avoid becoming a statistic?
  • Who should I trust when it comes to my finances?
  • Can I find someone to hold me accountable on my spending and cash flow?

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Foundations & Endowments

Blue Trust Institutional Investment Management offers investment management services to endowments, foundations, charitable trusts, churches, ministries, and operating assets. We believe investments are a means to fulfill an organization’s mission and therefore align their portfolio with their faith-based principles. Our dedicated team of professionals combines biblical wisdom and technical expertise to help institutions steward their resources wisely and maximize their impact.

  • How should we select our investment provider? Once selected, how will we monitor them?
  • Are we paying a reasonable and appropriate fee for the investment services we are receiving?
  • How should we choose and build the right plan for our institution’s goals?
  • Do we have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) design, maintenance, and review?
  • Are we spending our dollars responsibly and intentionally?

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