Chris Lim is a private wealth advisor for the Private Wealth division of Blue Trust and serves his clients out of the office in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certificant and an experienced wealth advisor to individuals, families, and businesses, Chris uses his experience in investment, retirement, estate, and cash flow planning to develop custom financial strategies for individuals, families, and businesses. He understands the complex questions and issues surrounding financial planning and investment advisement, so he works with his clients to help them make wise financial decisions to experience clarity and confidence and leave a lasting legacy.

Chris has worked in the financial services industry for over a decade. Prior to joining the company, Chris worked with Mercer Advisors.

Chris graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California earning BAs in both economics and history.

Active in the community, Chris has served on the stewardship committee for his local church, organized men’s ministry events, and taught personal finance courses. He is passionate about studying God’s Word and helping others to do the same, having previously served in Bible Study Fellowship as one of the substitute teaching leaders for the men’s program.

Originally from northern California, Chris now resides in Nolensville with his wife, Wendy, and their two sons.

My wife, Tammy, and I have been working with our advisor for over six years and the greater firm of Blue Trust since the 1990s. Our advisor has been a great resource; he has been there for us through challenges.  He gets back to us quickly with responses to our unique needs.  He supplies great insight and wisdom at each meeting and on an as needed basis.  His knowledge and use of the tools and processes are excellent, ultimately bringing us greater clarity and focus.

Tim & Tammy C.Fullerton, CA

We have worked with Chris for seven years and he is more than a financial advisor, he is a trusted friend. Working with Chris has helped us achieve financial goals that once seemed impossible or reachable only in the far distant future. He does an excellent job at breaking the big picture into small, manageable, steps. He’s great at both casting vision and walking you all the way there. Working with Chris helped shape our financial future in irreplaceable ways. We cannot recommend working with him enough.

Mike and Shannon P.Ladera Ranch, CA

My husband, Dave, and I started working with Blue Trust after my father died, leaving us a sizable inheritance. Having that much money to manage and invest was a new experience for us. We had come to know our advisor at our church as a committed Christian who was knowledgeable about financial matters, and we trusted his advice. He recognized our desire to honor God with our finances, as well as our need to be educated. He encouraged our growth in godliness and patiently taught us during our regular meetings and whenever issues or questions arose.

Marcia & Dave S.Lake Forest, CA

My wife and I have been so deeply impacted by our advisor. We had never had someone speak into our lives on both a spiritual and practical level when it comes to our finances. He goes far above and beyond in our meetings to help us feel hopeful and that we are not alone as we steward the resources that the Lord has given us. We love how every conversation is bathed in scripture and so well prepared for our specific situation. We are incredibly grateful!

Justin & Falon U.Huntington Beach, CA

We are so blessed to have the expertise of Blue Trust on our team. Our advisor has helped guide and lead us with wisdom into God's will for our family. He assisted in strengthening our financial plans, developing future education goals for our children, establishing a retirement plan, and guiding our giving strategy. Most of all, he was able to give us confidence that our God-given incomes were being stewarded to the best of our abilities according to God's will.

Lance & Veronica R.Temecula, CA

Our advisor has been such a valuable teammate for us as we’ve navigated change in our careers and our goals. On multiple occasions, he offered advice that single-handedly saved us more than his well-earned fee. Not only has he been an excellent advisor for the financial aspects of life, but he has also been instrumental in helping us think through difficult business and professional decisions over the past few years. He is wise beyond his years!

Mark & Jamie S.Brea, CA

Our parents had a long history with Blue Trust, so when it was time for us to seek financial guidance, we also turned to them. The week before the Covid-19 virus shut down the country, we had our first meeting with our advisor. The next two years were tumultuous and stressful for everyone, but our advisor was a calm, steady, and guiding resource during times of insanity and transition. His expertise and financial prowess set the tone for a lasting business partnership and personal relationship that we will be forever grateful for - he is a blessing and a Godsend.

Dawn & Mike R.Newport Beach, CA

I first came to Blue Trust six years ago knowing I needed to be a better steward of the money I was blessed with, but I was totally risk averse! My advisor took the time and patience to educate me in the investment process and get to know me as a person so that the financial plan was developed truly for me and my risk tolerance. The plan has performed beautifully - right in line with our projections which, to me, is a true testament to his mentoring and leadership. I never would have believed it, but now I have overall confidence in the investment process!

Cindy G.Huntington Beach, CA

I have been with Blue Trust for over 20 years, and I've had the privilege of working with Chris Lim for the last seven. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is very personable and extremely competent when it comes to money management. He seems to always be available and responds quickly and thoroughly to any questions or concerns I express. I loved that as Chris got to know me, he was able to anticipate my questions and not spend time explaining things I understood. I hired Blue Trust because I wanted a company that shared my values for competence, honesty, and integrity. I also wanted to spend as little time as possible managing our investments. Working with Chris met all these objectives. I am more than happy to talk with anyone considering Chris Lim for their financial advisor.

Stan C.Morgan Hill, CA

We want to say thank you for the many years of ups and downs our advisor has stood by our side. He always has our best interest in mind, which brings us so much comfort. Now that we are in this new place with our company selling, we are so thankful to have him to guide us through this process. We are in uncharted waters that need experts like him. He cares beyond our finances. Every time we meet, it feels like we are in the company of good friends instead of at a money meeting... May this platform he stands on continue to be God’s hand and voice to others.

Tim & Tammy C.Fullerton, CA