Claiborne Haw is the family legacy advisor serving within the Family Office division of Blue Trust.

Claiborne seeks to serve multi-generational families as they navigate the complexities of strategic communication, operational governance, philanthropy, and next-generation planning. With personal ties to her family’s 100-year-old business, she brings an insightful perspective to the intersection of family business and “the business” of the family. Combined with a biblical worldview, she helps clients see the opportunity of a wealth transfer, not just as a financial matter, but as a social and spiritual one too!

Prior to joining Blue Trust, Claiborne worked for IBM in Washington, DC for almost 5 years. In 2020, she returned to her hometown of Richmond, VA to help her own family with business re-organization, project management, and communication. During this time, she was led by her passion for stewardship and fellowship to co-create Magnify, a group designed to gather and encourage the next generation within families of influence and excellence.

Claiborne graduated from Clemson University with a BS in marketing. Her desire for spiritual and emotional growth led her to attend Jesus Culture’s School of Leadership, a 2-year ministry program founded by the Sacramento-based church.

She is active with Kore Venture, an organization creating community for next-gen leaders along their stewardship journey.

Claiborne’s love of families has allowed her to speak about family dynamics and volunteer with the Southeastern Family Office Forum. Her heart is connected to the Richmond-based ministry, MAPS Global, an organization responsible for sending missionaries across the Middle East and Central Asia.

Claiborne loves to spend time in the mountains of Virginia. She currently lives in Atlanta.

We first called Blue Trust to determine how soon I could retire. Our Blue Trust advisor guided us on a spiritual path at exactly the right time to focus us on God’s will at this stage of our lives and we will be forever thankful.

Jim & Norma W.Lake Elsinore, CA

I've been involved with financial planners for well over 40 years. There's very few of them that do it like Blue Trust. Very few concentrate on giving as part of the overall plan.

Terry Parker, Cofounder of National Christian FoundationFeatured in Faces of Generosity

Working with our Blue Trust advisor and their team of experts has been a 'game changer' for us to ensure we are managing our wealth wisely and being generous with the time, talents, and treasure we’ve been given--all from a biblical worldview.

President & CEO of a large privately owned companyDagsboro, DE

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