Colby Gilmore

Colby Gilmore

Private Wealth Advisor
Nashville, TN

Colby Gilmore is a private wealth advisor for the Private Wealth division of Blue Trust and serves clients out of the office in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certificant Colby analyzes clients’ overall financial condition and develops customized recommendations designed to help them realize their financial and life goals. He evaluates a client’s estate, insurance, tax, investment, giving, retirement, trust, and cash flow considerations and brings them together to create a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to the client’s needs.

Prior to joining the company, Colby worked as an audit associate in the banking and financial services practice for KPMG LLP.

Colby graduated magna cum laude from Biola University earning a BS in business administration with a concentration in accounting and a minor in biblical studies.

Active in the community, Colby serves on the advisory council for Biola’s Center for marriage and relationships as well as their financial planning program. Inspired by his passion for helping individuals, couples, and families handle wealth through a biblical perspective, he teaches Bible studies on financial stewardship and biblical principles at his local church. He is also a board member for HOPE International. Colby is a popular speaker at universities, churches, podcasts, and businesses.

Colby and his wife, Christine, have been married since 2013 and currently reside in Fairview, TN. They enjoy hiking in the mountains and forests with their dog, kayaking, listening to live music, playing tennis, and cooking delicious meals together.

Colby’s genuine care for us along with his immense knowledge of both the financial and accounting industries has made his hire one year ago the best hire we have ever made. After just one year, we are feeling so much more unity and clarity around finances while also experiencing by far the most prosperity we ever have. We are so grateful we acted, and we love talking to our friends that use Colby as well about how much they enjoy support from him also!

Pat and Christine Ianni, Former MLS Cup Champion and OlympianNewport Beach, CA

We first got to know Colby as a student at Biola university, then as an advisor and donor to our marriage ministry. Now on our own personal financial stewardship journey he is the one that we trust! We research, we write, we speak, we counsel couples on building spiritual and emotional intimacy, but it is the most successful couples that focus on building financial intimacy with a Biblical foundation. This is the key approach that Colby takes when he works with us. We highly recommend that couples seeking to build unity, peace of mind, confidence, and clarity in their money decisions should seek Colby’s financial wisdom and counsel. We believe it is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Chris & Alisa Grace, Founders & Directors Biola University Center for Marriage and RelationshipsLa Habra, CA

My advisor has guided me on my financial journey through biblical wisdom and technical expertise. He has helped me determine “how much is enough” to retire with financial freedom and helped me implement the plan to achieve it. His diligence to my financial situation and breadth of knowledge around tax planning and investing, allowed me to take an opportunity to convert some of my retirement assets to a Roth IRA, which has had significant growth and drastic tax savings for the future.

Lynn L.Tustin, CA

My wife and I have many strengths in our relationship. Financial literacy is not one of them. Working with two non-salaried streams of income - a realtor and actress combo - we needed guidance on how best to plan for our future. We've learned that financial health can greatly impact marital health and agreed that financial transparency is a core value for our family. We began seeking referrals for a certified financial planner, and thank God we were led to Colby! Not long into our first consultation, we knew we were in good hands. Despite having zero basic knowledge of financial management, he made all terms and processes simple and easy to understand. Colby helped us set up life insurance policies, SEP IRA accounts, and perhaps most importantly, taught us how to create a charitable donation fund so that we can give cheerfully and with freedom. Not only that, Colby's approachable and relaxed energy puts us at ease on every call. We always know what to do next, what to anticipate, and genuinely look forward to our meetings.

Clayton & Allegra Snyder, Disney Channel Actor and Actress on Amazon Prime’s “Upload”North Hollywood, CA

When considering receiving counsel in our lives, whether relationally or financially, we believe it's important that we share core values. No value is more foundational to us than our faith as Christians. Blue Trust combines practical experience with biblical wisdom. We feel that Blue Trust not only prepares our family to steward our finances well - it does so in a way that prepares us to give generously both in the present and future.

Clayton & Allegra Snyder, Disney Channel Actor and Actress on Amazon Prime’s “Upload”North Hollywood, CA

Colby is a fantastic financial planner who has helped me significantly improve my financial planning. He listens, looks to understand long-term goals, provides creative solutions, and serves his clients’ needs well. I strongly recommend working with Colby if you are looking for someone to provide you great advice with a genuine, caring approach.


Brent M.San Clemente, CA

We first called Blue Trust to determine how soon I could retire. Our advisor and the Blue Trust organization guided us on a spiritual path at exactly the right time to focus us on God’s will at this stage of our lives and we will be forever thankful.

Jim & Norma W.Lake Elsinore, CA

Our advisor has guided us in our journey by helping us look at money from a biblical worldview. He has helped us make smart decisions regarding our finances and has coached us through how to protect our assets, advised us in future investments, helped us achieve our personal goals, and magnified the gifts God has entrusted us to give freely and joyfully.

Chad & Erica Merrihew, Partners Art & FramingNewport Beach, CA

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