Don M. Christensen

Don M. Christensen

Executive Vice President, Partner
Chandler, AZ

Don Christensen is the executive vice president of the Sports and Entertainment Division and partner of Blue Trust.

As part of the Sports and Entertainment Division, Don and his team assist professional athletes in managing their wealth, giving generously, and managing their financial resources wisely. Through Don’s 35 years of personally working with professional athletes and their families, he has learned how to help them navigate the financial, marital, and personal pitfalls that professional athletes face today. The division employs a customized service model geared to the unique needs of the athlete in their specific sport. Services include coordination of tax and legal counsel, bill paying, cash flow management, financial and estate planning, trust services, and philanthropic strategies. Blue Trust serves over 100 active and retired players and coaches across the MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, NASCAR, and the NCAA.

Prior to joining the company, Don owned a public accounting and financial planning firm. Don earned his BS in accounting from Arizona State University and received his master’s degree in Christian leadership from Western Seminary.

Don mentors and disciples many of his clients as well as others in his local community. He is also a licensed pastor serving in that capacity to the community at large. He serves on a number of boards including Josiah Venture, Baseball Chapel, Endurance, and Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO). Don speaks at the PAO NFL and PAO MLB Increase Conferences annually and has also spoken at other events including Promise Keepers, Walk Thru the Bible, and The Seed Co. Bible Translation. He also participates in mission projects and has traveled the world teaching the Bible to nationals in many countries

Don and his wife, Marcia, have two adult children and five grandchildren, and live in Mesa, Arizona.


I met Don Christensen, and from day one something clicked. That relationship just grew and he became way more than a financial advisor. He's been there for everything in my life. He's been a mentor. He introduced me to the importance of giving. He started talking about the importance of not just giving, but also going in person, whatever it is that you're doing, and going in person and experiencing the whole thing and having an impact on people.

Jaime Garcia, Retired Major League Baseball PitcherMission, TX