Marshall Potter

Marshall Potter

Sr. Financial Advisor, Partner
Alpharetta, GA

Marshall Potter is a senior financial advisor, the manager of Institutional Planning Services for the Everyday Steward® division, and partner of Blue Trust and serves clients nationwide out of the office in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Marshall offers financial planning, investment management, strategic giving, estate planning, and trust services to clients who are beyond the debt problem stage, but still seek objective advice based on biblical principles for their financial planning and investment needs. He is passionate about helping clients become better stewards of their time and resources so they can live a life of purpose, focus on what matters most, and strive to experience financial peace of mind.

As manager of Institutional Planning Services, Marshall is also responsible for developing and managing institutional client relationships with a number of faith-based organizations.

Prior to joining Blue Trust in 2000, Marshall worked as a product manager for GTE (dba Verizon).

Marshall graduated from Taylor University with a BS in business and environmental science. He completed his MBA and his master’s degree in finance at the University of Illinois and is a licensed CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certificant, Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®), and Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®).

Marshall and his wife, Janice, and their three sons attend their local church in Roswell, GA. They enjoy sports, music, photography, and local daytrip adventures as a family.


As far as Marshall and Blue Trust and their counsel and their advice, Marshall takes care of our financial planning. We have confidence in him. He does things that I don't like to do. But what he has done, and it's been a very consistent approach, he provokes our thought. He provokes us around the Kingdom work, around what can we do with our finances. He gives us confidence about our finances. Then he provokes us with, what do you do? How does the giving fit into your overall plan? And how can we be generous?

Robin H.Athens, GA