Financial Peace of Mind

The following was written by Jim Wise, Senior Partner, Senior Private Wealth Advisor, and Director of Ministry Services

We live in the world’s wealthiest nation, yet every year, ministries close their doors, and missionaries leave the field for lack of adequate funding. The problem is not that there aren’t enough resources in the hands of Christians to do the work God has called us to… the problem is that we desperately cling to the resources He has entrusted to us. That is why I’ve always believed that financial freedom will never be the result of how much we accumulate; rather, it is the result of how much we give away. To give freely and generously is to experience true freedom. To desperately cling to money and possessions despite the overwhelming needs around us is just another form of financial bondage. These chains are broken as we increase our giving.

Giving generously doesn’t seem to make economic sense and your flesh will strongly resist following through on your giving commitment. I can promise, however, that God will bless your decision to obey. That blessing is not always, or only, financial. Perhaps your old, beat-up car will surprise you by remaining healthy for another twenty thousand miles. Maybe a friend from church will offer to repair your roof for only the cost of materials. It could be that numerous families, some of whom you’ve never met, will start bringing a steady supply of quality hand-me-down clothes for your growing family. It is hard for me to explain how you can live better on ninety percent of your income than on all of it, but such is the mystery of your loving Father’s provision.

If you want to experience freedom from financial bondage (whether manifested as fear or greed), an excellent place to begin is an increasing emphasis on generosity. Obedience in this important area is life-changing, and it is the first step in achieving financial peace of mind.

At Blue Trust, we seek to help our clients better steward their money so they can live a life well spent. For more information or to connect with an advisor, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 800.987.2987 or


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