Join the Blue Trust Holiday Giving Challenge

“Generosity is the antidote to materialism.”

(Watch this video to learn more about the Holiday Giving Challenge.)

The Blue Trust Holiday Giving Challenge

STEP 1: Give your children money for the holidays.
STEP 2: They give the money to any person or organization they want to help.
STEP 3: Share about the experience together during the holidays.

One of the best ways we have discovered to teach your children about generosity, no matter how old they are, is to give them some money to give away to others. This teaches them several important lessons:
• It shows them how good it feels to plan ways to give to others.
• It shows them that you trust them with responsibility.
• It shows them the impact they can have by using money in generous ways.

Best of all, it is an inspiring way to pass on your legacy of giving and generous biblical planning to the next generation.

So give your children some money and tell them to give it away! Give your children the opportunity to meet the needs of others and give generously this Christmas.

SEND this video to 5 friends or family members, and make plans to share with each other how your children used the money you gave them to be generous this holiday season. Let’s share God’s blessings together!

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