Quiet Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

Today, we pause and remember the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Confronted with often violent opposition, he fully embraced a peaceful approach, nonviolent resistance, and quiet strength when advocating for his belief in a more just society.

In the face of violent opposition, constant threats, and social upheaval, what do gentleness and compassion look like?

Behind every visionary leader like Dr. King are untold numbers of family, friends, and peers who offer love, support, and reassurance in the everyday moments of life. People who were not at the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement played an equally important part by providing love and support to those who were. As one example, Naomi King, the wife of A.D. King (Dr. King’s brother), was a quiet hero who bolstered Dr. King and other key leaders during times of physical and emotional duress.

Perhaps family and friends like Naomi King recognized that peaceful, nonviolent resistance might look like laughter, a hug, or a kind phone call. On this year’s day of remembrance, may we examine our own ability to foster mutual understanding, goodwill, and love for others in the everyday moments of life.

Take a moment to honor the life and impact of Dr. King today by learning about one of the quiet heroes behind the Civil Rights movement in this documentary, The Butterfly Queen: From Tragedy to Peace, featuring Naomi King’s life of kindness and courage. Please enjoy this documentary with stories and inspiration from Naomi and the King family.

The Butterfly Queen: From Tragedy to Peace

Our CEO, Nick Stonestreet, also spoke on the King family this past Sunday at The Path Church in Atlanta, GA, where he gave a moving talk, Lessons from Kings. Check out his sermon below for more inspiring stories and takeaways we can apply in our own lives.

Lessons from Kings


You can also visit the A.D. King Foundation. Blue Trust is a proud sponsor of this organization.


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