“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” Episode 25: Passing On Your Legacy

Have you considered how you will influence the lives of your children, grandchildren, and beyond? Many of us have life stories and lessons we want to pass down to our descendants, but how do we leave a legacy that can survive future generations?

When sharing your values and hard-won wisdom with your descendants, there is a lot they can learn from the successes you have achieved in life and the struggles you have faced. Knowing that your parent, grandparent, or great-great-great-great grandparent went through some of the same challenges you experience and how they leaned on their values to persevere can be a powerful, penetrating, and encouraging message.

In our latest podcast, Greg Gilbert, managing director of our Atlanta office and senior private wealth advisor, speaks with two of his clients, Dennis and Barbara Rainey. Dennis and Barbara are the founders of Family Life, a nonprofit organization that has been helping families thrive for over 40 years. You will hear them share their insights on passing down wisdom to future generations and learn the unique strategy they use in their own family to codify their values.

With six married children and 27 grandchildren, the Rainey’s decided to create a book, “Our Story,” to share what God has done in and through them for their legacy. In the book, they document their path of coming to Jesus, meeting each other, and life together, as well as detail 50 lessons learned they’ve learned in 50 years of marriage. Listen to the podcast here:

Although most people don’t need to create a book, legacy is an important conversation. Listening to stories from others can help you think through practical and creative ways to capture or share your own story and values with your family. At Blue Trust, we use financial planning and investment management to help clients create a legacy of financial, social, and spiritual capital and make wise financial decisions that align with their values. Our financial advisors can also help guide and assist clients in creating a strategy for their estate and legacy plan designed to empower subsequent generations and reflect their values and principles.

If you need assistance with your legacy planning and would like to talk to a Blue Trust advisor, please get in touch with us at 800.987.2987 or email blog@bluetrust.com.

We not only wanted to tell our story to our kids and grandkids, we wanted to impart to them the lessons that God had taught us in hopes that it might encourage them in their marriages and their families someday.

– Barbara Rainey, Co-Founder of Family Life

In our “Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” podcast series, we share financial advice and wisdom from our network of wealth advisors and thought leaders in the industry, and from around our community of over 9,000 financially blessed families who apply biblical wisdom to their financial planning and giving.

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