“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” Episode 5: Timothy Jones & Shannon Williams on the Importance of Mentorship

In our “Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” podcast series, we share financial advice and wisdom from our network of wealth advisors and thought leaders in the industry, and from around our community of 10,000 financially blessed families who apply biblical wisdom to their financial planning and giving.

Episode 5: Dr. Timothy Jones & Shannon Williams on the Importance of Mentorship

In our fifth episode, Dr. Michael Patterson the founder of Be a Peace Maker, a nonprofit organization committed to developing peace makers in society, hosts with Nick Stonestreet, CEO of Blue Trust. They have an in-depth conversation with the principal of B.E.S.T. Academy, Dr. Timothy D. Jones, and assistant principal, Shannon Williams, whose work in one of the most impoverished areas of Atlanta gives young men the chance to find life-changing mentors and educational opportunities. During the interview, they discuss the importance of mentorship in their own lives, and why having organizations like Blue Trust helping to provide mentoring relationships to low-income children is so essential in today’s world.

Dr. Michael Patterson is the Founder of Be A Peace Maker, Inc. He is a pastor, author, motivational speaker, and adjunct professor at Morehouse College.  He recently completed his Doctoral degree in Education and Organizational Leadership from Abilene Christian University.  Dr. Timothy Jones is serving Atlanta Public Schools as the principal of B.E.S.T. Academy Prep School. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Jones has been instrumental in furthering school and system improvement efforts as well as driving and sustaining strategic change resulting in marked gains in student achievement. Shannon Williams manages two companies and works as an assistant principal for an urban school district in Atlanta.



“You cannot have great people in your life that mentor you and put you on a pathway to success without being compelled to do the same for others.”

-Dr. Timothy D. Jones, principal of B.E.S.T. Academy

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