“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” Episode 8: Leaving Nothing Unsaid with Jody Noland

On Mother’s Day, most of us head to the store to buy a greeting card and tell our mom how much we love her.  For many people, the card is more important than the flowers or gifts.  For some, what you write to them will be with them for the rest of their lives.  But not everyone knows how to write a meaningful card.  Jody Noland, the author of “Leave Nothing Unsaid,” has come up with a solution to the problem of knowing what to say to our loved ones, and it is changing lives around the world.

Episode 8: Leaving Nothing Unsaid with Jody Noland

What would happen if we knew how to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us?  At Blue Trust, we help families plan to help bring clarity and confidence to their finances.  But do you have clarity and confidence in your relationships with those you love most?  Do your loved ones really know how you feel about them, and do they have something to remind them of your love when you are gone?

In our eighth episode, we join the managing director of our Greenville, South Carolina office, Joel Robinson, as he speaks with author and speaker, Jody Noland. Jody is the founder of the Leave Nothing Unsaid movement. They discuss the power of words of affirmation and encouragement and the impact they can have on those you hold dear.

As part of Jody’s Leave Nothing Unsaid movement, she has developed a framework for effectively and intentionally affirming the unique qualities of individuals through letter writing. Learn how you can help others see the value of the traits they possess and reinforce their self-worth.

The Process

  1. Express your feelings for the individual.
  2. Highlight what is unique and special about the person. Affirm their most outstanding character qualities. Use a word picture, if possible, to illustrate.
  3. Describe your hopes, prayers, and dreams for the recipient.

Most of us are familiar with the John 13:34 verse, where we are commanded to love one another. Do you recall your first memory of feeling loved? With Mother’s Day, memories with your mother may come to mind first. Try to recall the words your mother or loved ones said to you that made you feel loved and encouraged and the impact those words had on your life. Words can help provide a solid foundation for developing confidence and self-esteem and affirm the traits that make us who we are.

If you are ready to affirm the people you care about most and leave a lasting legacy of your gratitude for them, or if you need some tips on how to write a meaningful card for Mother’s Day, join us in this podcast!



“When you’re inside the jar, you can’t read the label — a lot of times people can’t see the qualities about themselves that are so unique and valuable.”

– Jody Noland, Author and Speaker

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