“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” Episode 4: Carol and Russ on Biblical Financial Planning

Blue Trust is excited for our month-long celebration of the launch of our new podcast “Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.”

Our goal is to give advisors, clients, and thought leaders the chance to share their stories of faith, finances, and fellowship with our entire community.

Episode 4: Carol Jackovich and Russ Crosson on Biblical Financial Planning

In our fourth episode, Blue Trust’s executive vice president and chief mission officer, Russ Crosson, has a candid conversation with senior financial advisor, Carol Jackovich, on how biblical financial planning has impacted the lives of clients in all stages of life.



“’I underestimated the psychological benefit of not having any debt.’ The peace of mind factor that can come from that, the freedom – You never regret paying down debt.”

-Russ Crosson, EVP and Chief Mission Officer

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