“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” The Podcast Episode 1: The Ron Blue Story

Blue Trust is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, “Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.”

Our goal is to give advisors, clients, and thought leaders the chance to share their stories of faith, finances, and fellowship with our entire community.

Episode 1: The Ron Blue Story 

In this first episode, join us as Ron Blue, the founder of Blue Trust, National Christian Foundation, Kingdom Advisors, and the Ron Blue Institute, shares his incredible journey of faith and finances.

Listen to Ron tell the story of the firm in his own unique words. Get inspired by what God has done with the faith of a few, to serve the many. 

“The only way to break the power of money… is to give.”

-Ron Blue, Founder of Blue Trust


The first four episodes of the podcast are available today across most major podcast networks. If you enjoy the episode, please consider writing a review and sharing with friends and family wherever you listen to podcasts:

Thank you and we hope you will enjoy this exclusive content!

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