“They quickly put our minds at ease as they helped us see how our assets would carry us into the future, how we could plan better for the future.”

– Cathy R.
Dalton, GA

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Proverbs 15:22

Financial Health for You and Your Team

We Help You Make Wise Money Decisions for Your Business & Life so You Can…

EQUIPPED to Serve You: Based upon our 20+ years of experience serving Chick-fil-A, we understand your world and your heart to be a good steward.

HOW We Serve You: Our Financial Wellness services (online platform + 1:1 financial coaching) can be coupled with a new or existing Retirement Plan to help you save for your future as you fight the war for talent. Additionally, Chick-fil-A supports you in creating leverage around these tools by allowing you to run related costs through your FCR.

Key benefits for Your Team (and You):

  • Ability to attract and retain key talent
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Invest in team leadership
  • Build your brand promise
  • Manage your tax liability
  • Strengthen your personal brand sheet
  • Increase your personal financial independence
  • Increased ability to do what only you can do
  • Integrated business and personal financial life
  • Single point of contact for financial needs
  • Access to strong team of financial professionals

Bottom Line: We make it easy to have everything in your financial life coordinated in an integrated manner, so you can focus on leading your family and your business.

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Financial Wellness


Team Members: On-demand, personalized content and action plan, coupled with the ability to track one’s financial progress over time.

Employer: You receive a turnkey system and management dashboard report to view organizational progress and manage team communication.

1:1 Financial Coaching: Key employees can receive private, unbiased, personal financial coaching to help them reduce financial stress.

Click here to see our Chief Mission Officer, Russ Crosson, speak at Chick-fil-A NEXT 2017 Conference

Russ talks about gaining balance through thinking about money differently so you can seek to achieve a better return on life. Discover the value of managing your money. . . not to have more money but to have more life.

Biblical Foundations of Financial Wellness Video Series

Are you seeking to enrich the employees in your organization? Consider the impact you could have by developing a financially prepared workforce. This video series can help participants learn and experience the value of managing their financial lives from a biblical perspective. Click here for more information about the series.

*If you are interested in providing the Biblical Foundations of Financial Wellness Video Series to your employees, please reach out to us using the contact form above.

Our Library Page

You can find more financial wellness resources, including videos, newsletters, whitepapers, and our Insights blog on our Library page. Click here to visit now and subscribe to our blog at the top.

Retirement Plan Design & Implementation

  • Integrated Service: Helping you determine solutions for your business and personal needs based upon your goals, financial capacity, and timing.
  • Fiduciary support and design so you meet safe harbor government requirements.
  • A dedicated retirement plan consulting team to support you.
  • Regular plan reviews (helping you to ensure your plan meets your needs).
  • Retirement plans that allow you to defer from $1 to upwards of $300,000/year.
  • Integrated retirement wellness planner and virtual assistant for you and your team.

We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to help determine which of our solutions best fit your needs.

Financial Planning & Investment Management

  • Blue Trust is a fee-only services company.
    • No commission related products are recommended.
  • Our financial planning is interactive.
    • We can maintain the plan as we journey together with you.
  • Free, no-obligation consultation.
  • We can also connect and coordinate with a new or existing CPA in an integrated manner.

Some of these services are provided by other third parties. Services subject to execution of services agreement. Other fees, terms, and conditions apply.