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This report is not a compilation, review or audit and we express no form of assurance as to accuracy or attainability of projections. It may be incomplete, assume future outcomes, contain estimates, or depart in other ways from generally accepted accounting principles. Its use should be limited to those persons for whom it was prepared and it should not be used to obtain credit or for purposes other than developing a financial plan.

Many portions of this financial plan are projections of possible future values based on a large number of unpredictable variables including economic, financial and market factors. Since these assumptions may, or may not, accurately represent future reality, projections are intended for use as a planning tool to examine possible, but uncertain future outcomes. They are neither a prediction of future circumstances nor a guarantee of actual financial results.

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Where is Your Finish Line?

Assuming you live until age:
Your current savings deficit to reach your finish line is:
Which means your annual savings until retiring at should be:

What is Your Stopping Point?

"Stopping Point" - The dollar amount at which you become financially independent

"Financial Independence" - Having enough investable assets to maintain your lifestyle for the remainder of your life


Your Current Age is
Your Retirement Age is
Assuming you live until age
Your Annual Savings Rate is
Your Annual Social Security, Pension, or Other Retirement Income is
Annual Inflation is %
Your Compound Annual Rate of Return is %

Then, The Value of Your Investable Assets Would Be:

At Age At Age At Age
Current Portfolio Assets

And, Your Stopping Point is:

If, Your Total
Annual Expenses Are:
At Age At Age At Age