The ABCDE’s of Team Behavior: Buy Into Something Bigger

We believe there are five actions that, in alignment with the fruit of the Spirit, can support relational clarity. This clarity exists when employees exhibit the ABCDE’s of team behavior.


B: Buy Into Something Bigger


In his 2009 book Start With Why, Simon Sinek discusses how defining purpose helps organizations achieve success. Purpose is often defined corporately through a mission or vision, but buying into something bigger needs to be determined at the individual level.


As with aiming for results, buying into something bigger means recognizing how the individual fits into the larger context of the organization. It means being willing to commit to the collective effort, putting forth sincere and sacrificial effort, and viewing work as not “just a job.”


When individuals connect their contributions to a greater purpose, they tend to feel part of something bigger, which drives motivation and performance. A compelling purpose is one that aligns with the company’s values, resonates with people’s identities, and requires the collective effort of everyone in delivering a meaningful outcome.


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