The ABCDE’s of Team Behavior: Engaging in Constructive Conflict Resolution

We believe there are five actions that, in alignment with the fruit of the Spirit, can support relational clarity. This clarity exists when employees exhibit the ABCDE’s of team behavior.

E: Engaging in Constructive Conflict Resolution

Tension, adversity, and conflict are normal aspects of any relationship. When we don’t recognize how our own motivations, communications styles, and belief systems may differ from others, conflict can escalate.

Fortunately, leaders can take proactive steps to build understanding amongst a diverse workforce. Educating employees about how different perspectives can manifest as different communication styles, for example, is one way leaders can proactively cultivate a culture that encourages mutual respect. We teach leaders to define what healthy communication looks like and to remind employees that they have a choice in how they respond, whether constructively or destructively, when friction occurs. Conflict resolved constructively increases trust, while conflict resolved destructively diminishes trust.

Engaging in constructive conflict resolution means loving people as ourselves and demonstrating that love through our behavior. If we choose to believe the best in one another, conflict is addressed in a way that builds trust and strengthens relationships.

To read more about relational clarity and how it can strengthen your organization, and for more verses from addressing the benefits of strong relationships, log in to read our Covenantal Culture white paper.

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