The Second 3 Elements of Organizational Clarity

Organizational clarity means an intentionally cultivated work environment. Last week, we looked at the first three elements of organizational clarity: corporate clarity, structural clarity, and role clarity. Below are the remaining elements that help create organizational clarity.

Process clarity focuses on aligning HR and people processes and procedures with the company’s mission, vision, and core values.

Communication clarity refers to the content, frequency, and mode of communication. Critically, while corporate clarity, structural clarity, role clarity, and process clarity reflect owners’ intentions to be good stewards of the business, communication clarity influences whether employees’ perceptions match the owners’ intentions.

Creating a brand perception allows those outside of the organization to understand why it exists. The two main benefits of a company adopting brand clarity are to display its purpose to the greater community and to attract employees who are a good match for the organization’s culture and expectations and are likely to excel there.

Once all six elements of organizational clarity have been established, the environment has been primed for Covenantal Culture.

Read more about what the ways organizational clarity can strengthen your organization: Log in to read our Covenantal Culture white paper.

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