What Is Leadership Clarity

No relationship is more important in organizations than that of an individual and his or her leader. When employees trust their leadership, they become organizational ambassadors, leading progressive change in their families, society, and environment.

Leaders have the ability to make people better across all of their roles and responsibilities. They can build environments that attract and retain the most talented people.

We believe there is no greater example of leadership than Jesus Christ, and it is hard to find a leadership book that doesn’t align with the principles established in the Bible. We believe there are four key principles to creating leadership clarity. Every leader must: follow humbly, inspire strategically, manage individually, and Influence lovingly. When leaders display these four actions, we believe the clarity that results  creates an environment for people to thrive.

Next week, we’ll look at the first of these elements: following humbly. In the meantime, you can read more about the ways organizational clarity can strengthen your organization: Log in to read our Covenantal Culture white paper.

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