“Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” Episode 30: Introducing Blue Trust

Our firm is entering an exciting new season as we officially change our name to Blue Trust. This new name continues to honor our founder, Ron Blue, and the legacy he built but also reflects our commitment to innovation, growth, and progress. Although our name is changing, our values and mission will remain the same. We believe it is important to preserve the exceptional standards and biblical principles that have made our company preeminent over the past four decades.

What’s in a Name?

After making several trips to Africa in the 1970s, Ron Blue and his wife, Judy, witnessed the disproportion in financial resources between the U.S. and Africa. In 1979, on one of those trips, Howard Hendricks, a noted theologian and longtime professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, challenged Ron to use his CPA background to help Christians become better stewards of the resources God had entrusted to them.

Later that year, the Blues started a financial planning firm known as Christian Financial Management. In 1987, the name was changed to Ronald Blue & Co. to honor our founder. Thirty years later, when we added trust service capabilities, we changed the firm’s name to Ronald Blue Trust to reflect these new offerings. Now, seven years later, we are refining our brand once again by shortening our name to Blue Trust.

Want to hear more about the founding of the firm and the “why” behind the name change? We invite you to join Ron Blue, chief mission officer Russ Crosson, and CEO Nick Stonestreet as they sit down to share more about our history and future:

An Unchanging Mission

Today, Blue Trust has more than 400 employees and serves 10,000 clients across the country through a network of 17 local offices. Names can evolve over time, but in our 44-year history, our foundational principles and commitment to our mission haven’t changed.

Our company is built on biblical principles, and our financial advice is centered on helping people wisely allocate financial resources when given unlimited alternatives. Throughout our history, our advisors have encouraged clients to ask the question “how much is enough,” set a financial finish line, and hold their wealth with an open hand so that they may truly experience the joy of generosity.

What’s Next for Blue Trust?

We believe our new name and branding strategy will expand the firm’s influence and impact and reach new clients, advisors, and employees. Serving more clients will allow us to continue to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), bring financial peace and clarity to families and individuals, and encourage generosity. By continuing to attract highly talented individuals who are passionate about our mission, new generations of clients will discover the benefits of working with a Christian financial advisor and incorporating generosity into their financial plans.

We are excited to roll out the Blue Trust name as a homage to our past and a pathway to our future. For over 40 years, our clients have been our top priority, and we remain committed to serving them with excellence, technical expertise, and biblical counsel.

If you have any questions, please contact a Blue Trust Advisor.

In our “Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.” podcast series, we share financial advice and wisdom from our network of wealth advisors, thought leaders in the industry, and our community of over 10,000 financially blessed families who apply biblical wisdom to their financial planning and giving.

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