Retirement Plan Consulting

“We first called Blue Trust to see how soon I could retire. Our Blue Trust advisor guided us on a spiritual path at exactly the right time to focus us on God’s will at this stage of our lives and we will be forever thankful.”

– Jim & Norma W. *
Lake Elsinore, CA

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

Hebrews 12:1

Helping You Meet the Evolving Challenges of Business

All organizations face challenges of governance, growth, and stewardship of people, capital, and opportunities, including the management of retirement plan options for employees.  At Blue Trust, we work with family businesses, nonprofit institutions and public companies with regulation-driven responsibilities of all sizes and ownership structures. Our services and expertise have expanded to meet the constantly evolving challenges of business and the business environment.

* Some of the services described herein are provided by other third parties. Services subject to execution of services agreement. Other fees, terms, and conditions apply.


Helping With Fiduciary Care and Compliance

Corporations and institutions that offer retirement plans to their employees have a special responsibility to ensure fiduciary care and compliance with federally mandated regulations. Blue Trust’s Retirement Plan Consulting offering assists clients with the fiduciary responsibility for retirement plans in which participants direct their investments and plans that are complex and require plan fiduciaries to act as prudent experts under ERISA.

Most prudent plan sponsors hire a plan consultant to assist them in adhering to ERISA’s rigorous standards and to meet their objective of offering best practices for 401(k) or 403(b) plans to their employees. We introduce our retirement plan clients to experienced specialists, who help clients with their fiduciary responsibilities, which include Investment Policy Statement (IPS) construction, “open architecture” provider selection, investment monitoring and selection, and plan reporting.

We can help you answer critical questions for your institution, such as:

  • How should we select our investment provider? Once selected, how will we monitor them?
  • Do we meet the governmental standards for fiduciary responsibility?
  • How should we choose and build the right plan for our institution’s goals?
  • What are we hoping to accomplish for our employee retirement planning and financial planning needs?
  • Are we spending our dollars responsibly and intentionally?

Continued Support

Blue Trust advisors continue to work with the client and the specialist to ensure that clients are well served. Our role is to set up and attend meetings, review and assist the client in understanding the materials and services of the specialists, and provide information to help decision makers evaluate the proposed advisory services.

In addition to our typical Retirement Plan Consulting Services, we have specific offerings available for faith-based sponsors, including faith-based investments, financial planning educational materials, and websites. We also make available custom-designed model portfolios for clients reflecting our Principles-Based Investing philosophy.